kammilyThat’s me. Front row, far left, giddy on life.

Hi, my name is Sean Ziebarth. My pithiest bio might read something like this:

My head’s swimming with poetry and prose, my belly with tacos and sushi, my soul with family.

Not in that order mind you. (And credit to where credit is due—I ripped off the first clause from Lloyd Cole).

A more standard bio looks a little more like this:

I spent over 22 years on the radio, at one station or another, from December 1991 to May 2014. Then in 2022 and joined my friends at Radio 3hive.

I teach high school English, journalism, and video production. I like to learn with my students and steal from other teachers.

I used to avoid crosswords, preferring the Jumble instead. But then my wife got me hooked on those beautiful grids and now our kitchen table is littered with them. We like to solve them slowly, and in pencil.

When it comes to interests and hobbies I suffer from ADHD. And I have no plans to medicate myself for it. Instead, I’m just going to jam it all together here.

Thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I was watching a video with you in it, and I realize that you are the thumb lesstimeless wonder. I just mean I’m blessed wonder. anyway you know what I’m trying to say, for some reason it won’t let me delete or go back on what I’m saying. I just was thinking about you thought I’d let your picture app and see how you’re doing, fantastic as I can see it was fine knowing you.

  2. Hi. I really enjoyed my Pathways class with you, and want you to know that I am continuing. It will take 45 years, 4 universities or colleges, and I will end up with 170 credits before my degree is done, but I am scheduled for April of 2018. Lifelong learning, right?

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