kammilyThat’s me. Front row, far left, giddy on life.

Hi, my name is Sean Ziebarth. My pithiest bio might read something like this:

My head’s swimming with poetry and prose, my belly with tacos and sushi, my soul with family.

Not in that order mind you.

A more standard bio looks a little more like this:

I spent over 22 years on the radio, at one station or another, from December 1991 to May 2014.

I teach high school English, journalism, and video production. I like to learn and steal from other teachers.

When it comes to interests and hobbies I suffer from ADHD. And I have no plans to medicate myself for it. Instead, I’m just going to jam it all together here.

Thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I was watching a video with you in it, and I realize that you are the thumb lesstimeless wonder. I just mean I’m blessed wonder. anyway you know what I’m trying to say, for some reason it won’t let me delete or go back on what I’m saying. I just was thinking about you thought I’d let your picture app and see how you’re doing, fantastic as I can see it was fine knowing you.

  2. Hi. I really enjoyed my Pathways class with you, and want you to know that I am continuing. It will take 45 years, 4 universities or colleges, and I will end up with 170 credits before my degree is done, but I am scheduled for April of 2018. Lifelong learning, right?

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